November 30, 2009

StrollerStrides CEO : Growing Your Business With Your Kids

StrollerStrides ( is a well known exercise program for moms and babies. The business was started just eight years ago by then- new mom, Lisa Druxman. Wanting to stay at home with her new baby son inspired Druxman to become an entrepreneur and start a small business. Eight years later, and the once home run business has grown tremendously into a well renowned exercise franchise program.

Lisa shares her thoughts, experiences and insights in an article she has written, "Grow Your Business With Your Kids." She talks about starting her business small, and how it has grown as quickly as her kids over the years.

"When I started Stroller Strides, it was small (like my baby) and only needed a few hours per day of my time. As my children grew, so did my business's needs. Looking back, my business has grown very fast. But then again, so have my kids."

I find it inspiring and motivating that this entrepreneur mom was able to maintain and yet unquestionably grow her business while keeping it a home-based business these past eight years. But that is changing, as Drexel points out---

"As we hired more employees, I set them up to work virtually from their homes and gave them all keys to my house. It worked . . . until now. My business is finally moving into office space. I guess I just reached a tipping point. It was time, for my business and for my family. I can't help but feel like my business is growing up, just as my kids are."

It is a great article to read and get inspired by. And you can also check out the once home-based business inspiration of this mom, and check out the franchise options that StrollerStrides offers! Maybe a 'business in the making' for you in 2010??

Read the full article here, and check out for information on their Franchise Opportunities.

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