November 12, 2009

Work at Home Research: Make $500 or More Monthly

This is a part time or full time work at home opportunity that moms wanting to work from home without having to do phone work might really appreciate! Basically you will be researching on your computer for the very best online resources, advice, tools and wisdom on thousands of health topics. You will organize this information on "wisdom card" templates and submit. For each approved wisdom card, you will be paid $4. If your card is not accepted right away, you will be instructed on what needs to be corrected for it to be accepted.

According to the site, once you are completely familiar and comfortable with writing a wisdom card, you can probably complete 2-4 cards an hour. They also offer a $100 training bonus for the first 50 wisdom cards you write.

So basically you can work when you want, how much or little you want, and make as much as you want. Payment is made when a wisdom card is accepted, and when your account reaches $4oo, you will be paid via PayPal.

You can plan on how much you would like to make each month, and how many cards that would take, and how long it would take you to make that number of cards. The best part is if you are a mom at home with kids, you do not need to worry about noise, interruptions, etc. You truly work at your own pace and convenience.

Check out and learn more about getting paid to research online from home.

Good Luck!

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