February 16, 2010

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Wedding Cake Rental Business

Wedding Cakes are big business for bakeries and wedding planning companies. But one company took the idea of wedding cakes and made a new business out of the idea: Rental Wedding Cakes.

Entrepreneur Kimberly Aya was always a  passionate cake designer, Aya showed off her cake-designing talents at bridal shows, where she would use fake cakes only for display. But the business woman in her soon realized that a large percentage of brides actually prefer the look of fake cakes. A few months later, she turned her bright idea into a business when she founded  Fun Cakes Rental.

Fun Cakes make their elaborate wedding cakes out of foam, but covered in real fondant, so it looks exactly like a real cake. There’s a special compartment on the cake to store a edible piece of real cake for the bride and groom to feed each other at the reception, then the display cake is taken back into the kitchen and the guests are served regular sheet cake from a local bakery or wholesale store.

Aya now decorates and ships cakes to brides all over the world and even designs cakes for wedding scenes in movies. This past August, she signed a deal with Macy’s to make visual prototypes for its department stores.

"I don't care if I do a fake cake or a real cake," says Aya, 52, "as long as I get to decorate, because that's what I love."

And isn't that the best way to make money? Doing something we love?


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