February 16, 2010

Freelance Writers: Academic Essay Company Needs Writers

A work at home opportunity for freelance writers:

If you enjoy-
researching and writing on various academic subjects

 If you are-
motivated, hard working, and reliable

  If you have-
completed or attended some college-level education

  If you are-
fully fluent and able to express themselves proficiently in the English language

If you can-
 meet deadlines

 If you are-
familiar writing essays in APA/MLA formats

 If you-
use or will agree to use some form of chat program (Skype, MSN, Gmail Chat).on a regular basis. Projects are assigned to writers via chat, therefore it is imperative that you spend some portion of the day or "check-in" regularly (you decide when of course) on chat to be available to receive any possible assignments.

  If you have or will have-
A PayPal account. Paychecks go out weekly via PayPal.

 Then you may be interested in applying as a freelance academic writer with a growing academic research/model essay company. According to their  job posting, they  have constant work in various fields from business to sociology...

"There is no minimum number of assignments you need to accept to work with our company, so you can create your own schedule, from anywhere, anytime! Perfect for students, retirees, those interested in a side job apart from their day job, or stay-at-home parents. If you spend a good portion of the day at the computer, then this position is for you! " (their words)

Pay is $8/ double spaced page (270-300 words).

To apply: Email a brief description of your educational background, 2.)an honest estimate of how often you're usually at or willing to be at the computer and 3) one or two writing sample(s). You should here from them in seven (7) business days if  they think you're right forthem (again, their words, not mine.) Email to gigs-weayn-1602799070@craigslist.org

If you apply, please note that this is a Craigs List posting, so do use due diligence.

Good Luck!

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