March 27, 2010

Work at Home: Leapforce Independent Agents

Have you heard about Leapforce yet? I just recently did., and though it sounds a bit difficult to get hired by this company, from what I have heard/read so far, people (mainly wahm moms) that do seem to like it a lot and say the pay is good.

From what I understand, as an Independent Leapforce Agent, you will be evaluating websites. It is temporary work, and as a contract ends, you may have to wait a while for another to be offered to you. The benefits however are that you work from home on your schedule.

There is a somewhat challenging exam, so I hear, that is actually in two-parts. If you pass the first, you will then be invited to take the second part (something like 150 questions...based on training material they send you....). Tips from others indicate that the second part is more difficult than the first, and you will need about two hours or so to complete it.

You can check out the Leapforce website to learn more, and if you google it, you should be able to find message board discussions about Leapforce as well.

Good Luck! (and please share your experiences with Leapforce if you have applied or work with them currently! Thanks!)

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