April 5, 2010

Stay at Home Moms: A Work at Home Opportunity in Word of Mouth Marketing

This sounds like a fantastic work at home opportunity for stay at home moms! M.O.M. (Miles of Marketing) employs moms to test products and spread the word to other moms about these products. So if you are in love with a product you test out for a company, they want you to share about it with other moms online and in person.

Moms participate in two week promotion cycles, and are paid for each two week cycle they participate in. Product promotion techniques include-

Spreading the word online and in person
Driving with a Magnetic Decal on your car advertising that product for two weeks
Distribute samples, coupons, postcards, etc.
Hand in a final report

If you are interested in this work at home program, then go check out M.O.M now, and get started!

Good Luck!

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