April 9, 2010

Work at Home: Health Writers For Livestrong (pays twice weekly!)

Freelance writers with expertise in healthy living can apply to be a paid writer with HealthStrong.com, which is part of Demand Studios. Writers can choose from many different topics such as medical treatments, nutrition, mental health, exercise and more, and claim the articles they would like to write.

The application process with LiveStrong does require a resume, and a sample article to demonstrate your writing abilities.

The very nice benefits writing for LiveStrong  are of course setting your own hours and determining your workload and the fairly steady income you can earn.. When claiming assignments, you will see pay rates clearly displayed and can expect to earn an average of $20-$30 an hour. Payments are issued through PayPal twice a week (nice, right?)

 Go to the LiveStrong website to learn more, and get started applying with their online application today, if interested.

Good Luck!

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