April 8, 2010

Work at Home: Design, Architecture Articles Needed

A design blog is looking for daily articles about home remodeling, architecture, interior design and decorating.

Accepted bloggers will need to commit to 5 articles weekly--

3 text-rich articles, word length between 300-500 words and must include at least one picture -giving credit e.g. CC attribution is OK.

-1 image rich article, more than 5 images and at a minimum one introductory paragraph of text and small paragraph for each image.

-1 5 XYZ Tips, e.g. 5 Kitchen Design Tips. Those type of articles should include 1 picture and the tips should consist of a single line which must make sense standalone plus one or more explanatory paragraphs.

All articles must be 100% original and not reuse any text from other articles.

Only writers with experience in either home remodeling, architecture, interior design and decorating accepted.

Articles should be submitted in weekly batches. Payment is $300 / month. Min of 1 month commitment.

For more information, or to apply, email info@boscoseo.com with links to your work or website.

Good Luck!
Thanks to Problogger for this listing.

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