November 10, 2010

At Home Job: Freelance Movie Writers is looking for experienced freelance feature writers.


Min. 5 years experience writing or blogging for a major publication or website (sorry, your own personal blog doesn’t count, and no college students/recent grads please)

Have a distinctive "voice" and writing style (bonus points for being funny)

Knowledge of movies past and present

Excellent communication skills


Easy to work with, easily reachable.

Compensation is negotiable but competitive.

If interested, they ask that you submit your resume, a brief cover letter that shows off your style and substance, and three of your best writing samples (links or attachments). Also, answer these three questions:

1. Name 1 underrated and 1 overrated movie and in one line tell us why.
2. What are your favorite movie websites?
3. Tweak this generic story idea to make it unique: The Top 10 Movies of All Time

Email the above to with subject line MDC WRITER.

Good Luck!

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