January 22, 2011

Make a Little Extra Money From Home as a Website Tester

If you are looking for another income stream or just a way to make a little extra money from home every week, you might want to take a peek at Try My UI, where website testers earn $10 for testing websites out.

Here is what a test includes --

A video of your computer screen (screencast) as you use a target website. The video features your voice as you describe in detail your impressions and thoughts as you use the website and perform the requested tasks. Also, you will provide a  written summary, responding to several questions about your experience using the website.

To record your voice and website, testers go to a web page containing a Java Applet that allows you to start and stop recording your voice and screen.

Each test takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and payment is made via papal. There are no limits to how many tests you can complete each week, but the website does say that most testers will average 1-2 tests per week. So not a great source of income, but can still be a fun easy way to make a few extra bucks at any rate.

To learn more, visit the Try My UI website.

Good Luck!

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