January 19, 2011

Do You Design Blog Templates?

I am so not talented or artistic I actually feel sorry for myself. Sniff. But for moms out there (or dads too), that design blog templates just because you can (me, jealous?? of course not. sniff), here is a money-making opportunity I came across tonight while browsing about the web--

April Showers Blog and Graphic Designs --who by the way creates some fantastic bog templates and designs-- is hiring, sort of. You can make money by selling your pre-made blog designs on the April Showers website. Your pre-made screen shots, price points and more will be listed on the site, and will be a great way to showcase your talents (sniff) to other bloggers --

(like me, perhaps, that have no artistic talent. hmm...am  I sounding bitter?)

Anyhoo-- check out April Showers and see if this might be something that interests you!!

Good Luck (seriously)!

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