February 23, 2011

Telecommute Jobs With AAA Renewals (Auto Club Renewals)

 AAA Renwals via VForce offers telecommute jobs,  but applicants should understand this is truly a work from home job as an employee, not an independent contractor. You will have set hours with little flexibility but on the positive side, you will have a steady income. For work at home moms (or wannabe wahms) that can have a babysitter, hubby or other resource for child care (or very quiet independent older children) this is an option you may want to research more.

You will be required to have a home office including a computer system (Minimum of Windows XP or Vista), internet access through DSL or Cable, quiet work environment and unlimited long distance. And no cell phones...you must have a land line for this job. Applicants need to be aware that cold calling will be part of the job duties, as well as an ability to build relationships with customers over the phone.

Payment is $12.00/hour plus performance based bonuses, paid on a bi-weekly basis.

 Find out more about this telecommute job with AAA, at VForce.

Good Luck!

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