March 9, 2011

Article Writing Jobs

I came across a freelance writing site that is still in beta mode and is looking for article writers on various topics.There are no fees or costs to sign up and start an account. Once you begin the application, the website indicates you should allow for about 30 minutes to complete it.

You will be asked to enter a few areas you consider yourself to be an expert in, and a writing sample is required. Once the article is reviewed, it will be given a ranking between 1-5 stars. Ratings can be improved over time, and according to editors and clients.

Writers get paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month for any earned income in the previous pay period. What you will earn will depend on factors such as the number of available jobs that match your writer profile, the price you charge, and your writing experience listed on your profile. Other factors include how quickly you write, and your ability to submit high quality work and build up a good quality rating.

Writing assignments will be available via the site's job board, and by direct assignments.

To apply and learn more, visit Interact Media at

Good Luck!

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