March 11, 2011

Mystery Shopping

GfK Mystery Shopping is seeking experienced home-based schedulers to connect mystery shoppers with clients. This is an independent contractor position, requiring 30 hours a week, minimum. Schedulers will use GfKs online systems and will report to the GfK Scheduling Manager.

Responsibilities include:

Contacting and matching Mystery Shopper's to available assignments.
Briefing shoppers on individual client program scenarios.
Recruiting for a specific areas and/or client projects
Explaining the role and expectations of mystery shopping.
Participate in staff and/or project meetings via phone.
Monitoring the status of assigned shopping assignments.
Working to resolve shopper concerns and problems.

Some experience is preferred in mystery shopping, merchandising and/or demo presentations. 
Past experience working from a home office is a must.
You should be detailed oriented and have excellent organization and communication skills.  

To learn more about this job and requirements, visit the NARMS website. To apply for this job,  you can submit your resume via email to Your submission must include Mystery Shopping Scheduler in the subject line of your email.

Good Luck!

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