May 12, 2011

Make Money Writing For Demand Studios : Steady Pay, Work at Home

Demand Media Studios is seeking writers and experts for their Home and Garden website. The writing assignments cover a variety of topics in the home and garden space for informative and instructional short-form articles.

Garden topics cover a variety of areas, including gardening basics, plant care, landscaping, indoor plants, gardening tools and equipment and garden projects and crafts.

Home topics cover an array of DIY projects, such as home design and d├ęcor, construction, restoration, renovation, home organization, home and holiday crafts and projects.

Writing assignments are 300-500 words and Payments are generally $15 per 300-word article. All payments are issued through PayPal twice a week

You can write as much or as little as you would like-- you work independently from home.

Tip: When you submit your resume, it should reflect one of the following :

First-hand experience in home and garden

Experience writing on home and garden topics

College degree in journalism, English or communications

Degree or certification in any home or garden area

Apply Directly Online at Demand

Good Luck!

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