September 17, 2011

Extra Income Online: Writing for Merchant Circle

If you are looking for sources of extra income online, you should check out Merchant Circle! They offer interesting writing options and they pay every week!

Who is Merchant Circle?

Merchant Circle is a website where business owners advertise and grow their customer base. Merchant Circle is continuing to grow, and is looking for writers.

What Will I Write About?

The topics are extremely varied, and will cover all sorts of things. Many writing jobs will be 'How To' articles.

How Much Can I Make?

There are different writer positions and writer levels at Merchant Circle. When you first sign up, you will be at the 'Expert' level where most articles will be paid $4. Keep in mind that articles are 200 words with a 50 word summary, and should not take much more than 20-30 minutes to write.

Writers will start at level 1, which means that that you may claim 2 articles at one time. As you move up in level, you will be able to claim more articles at a time. Once you have submitted your maximum number of articles you will need to wait until they are edited before claiming more articles. Turn around time is usually fairly quick, but weekends may take a bit longer. Editors will work with you to help you understand the MC style of writing, and help you move up in level.

Once you claim an article, you will have 72 hours to submit your article. If it is returned for corrections, you have another 72 hours to resubmit.

If you claim an article, but do not submit it w/in 72 hours, it will be returned to 'available jobs.'

When and How Will I Get Paid?

This is the nice part! Merchant Circle pays every Monday via PayPal for all articles submitted and edited by 3PM Friday. There is a minimum $20 threshold in order to be paid, but you will not have to request payment as it is automatically paid on Mondays if you have made the minimum amount.

How Do I Get Started?

It is simple to get started working with Merchant Circle. Just fill out the registration form and you can start claiming articles right away. Sometimes there may not be articles available, but just check in frequently as they add articles throughout the day.

If you want to give MC a try, I think you will find it a great way to make money from home easily and quickly- on your schedule!


Good Luck!

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