October 11, 2011

Work at Home: Web Site Testers

Working at home for many moms means having several different streams of income handy with which to  earn extra money online.  I have about three different ways of making money online including blogging, freelance writing and paid forum posting. Freelancing and working on my own schedule and being home for my kids is wonderful, and so I am always on the look-out for more possible opportunities to make money.

I have not personally tried working with Userlytics, but it sounds like it might be such a work at home resource that can bring in a few extra dollars. Basically this is a service that tests websites and gives site owners feedback.

Website testers earn $10 per test. You need to keep in mind that there is no guarantee as to how many tests you will get or when you will be offered testing opportunities. But it might be nice to have this in your streams of income and get some money from it once in a while.

Another nice thing about Userlytics is that it appears you do not have to wait long for your money-according to their website, you will get paid as soon as a client reviews your work and positively rates your feedback. All payments are made through PayPal so you will need to make an account there if you do not already have one.

The equipment that is needed to test websites includes-

200 MB of free hard disk
Windows 7/XP/Vista
MacOS Leopard 10.6 or newer

If you can verify that you have this equipment, you can go ahead with the registration (free) and sign up. 
That's it!

Interested? Check them out at http://www.userlytics.com/become-a-tester.

Good Luck!
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