February 23, 2012

WAH: Paid Guest Bloggers Wanted

YouLoveCoupons is seeking Paid Guest Bloggers. This is a remote freelance position. You will be paid $30 per guest post.

As a guest blogger, you will contact other blog owners to inquire about contributing a guest post on their website. You should have at least 20 established relationships with other blog owners that you can contact. These websites need to be at least a PR2, with an Alexa rank of less than 700,000. Blogs should also have 100+ Alexa links.

You will be paid for every 5-10 guest posts you write - and the preferred minimum is 10 guest posts per month. If you manage to guest post in certain pre-agreed blogs, payment can go as high as $100 per post.

How To Apply:

Email the following to : zissispa[@]hotmail.com
  •  A list of 5-7 blogs you can guest post that meet the above quality requirements (Alexa < 700,000 and Google PR2+ and Alexa links 100+). 
  • 2. A list of 3-4 recent guest posts you made to promote your blog or your clients blogs. 
Good Luck!

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