May 5, 2012

WAH: Lionbridge Online Maps Specialists

Lionbridge is recruiting home-based workers, university students and individuals seeking part time work from around the world who are bi-lingual in English and their native language. This project is initially expected to run for 3 months and requires 2-4 hours per week. An immediate start is required for this project.

You will need to determine and evaluate the effectiveness of online maps and provide their individual qualified feedback on their user experience.

Job duties will include:
  • Using online maps to investigate geographic accuracy of queries through using your local geographic knowledge and researching skills
  • Grading the accuracy of online map results and locations
  • Determining if City, Province and Country results are geographically accurate for your region
  • Analyzing and providing feedback to improve the accuracy of driving/routing instructions

 To see which languages/locales Lionbridge is currently recruiting for, click here.

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