September 1, 2012

WAH: NCO: What Do You Do in This Job?

NCO is a fairly common name out there in the work from home arena. More than likely you have come across this company in your search for a job you can do from home. But in case you are not too familiar with them, and are wondering just what you would be doing if you worked for them, here is a brief idea (please note, I have not personally worked for NCO, and am only sharing information I have researched on the web myself.)

NCO virtual agents will work from home calling customers of different clients/businesses who have outstanding accounts.

  • What You'll Need:
  • You will need a dedicated business phone line
  • A computer that meets NCO specifications. Your PC can be tested automatically when you start your application.
  • A headset that meets NCO specifications – audio / voice capabilities with noise cancellation feature
  • High-speed Internet access that meets NCO specifications. NCO recruiters will assist qualified candidates in assessing Internet access as part of the application and hiring process.

You will be communicating with patients/clients/customers by telephone and/or written correspondence to attempt to bring resolution to unpaid accounts.

Of course, there will be paperwork involved, procedures to follow and the such, but basically you will be trying to get customers, patients, etc. to pay over due bills.

For anyone interested in applying with NCO, do note that they will require a credit and background check.

  • How to Apply:
  • To get started, you will first complete their online qualification process. This will include filling out the online application, and completing 3 online assessments: desktop, line speed, and voice quality. 
  • Depending on the business opportunities currently available, you may also be invited to complete other assessments that helps NCO ensure a match between applicants and the opportunities the company provides. 
  • When these steps have been completed, NCO will review your qualifications.

As far as how much you can make working at NCO, I do not have much information to share except what their website states, which is that 'they offer a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package, paid time off and a 401 (k) plan.'

If anyone has experience working from home for NCO, and could share, we would love to hear from you!

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