October 19, 2012

iStoreHours.com: A New Resource You Can Sign Up With and Start Making Money Right Away

iStoreHours is a site where you sign up for free and can start making money right away. You will not make a lot of money to be sure, but you can make some money right now from your computer.

I will say that this will probably get a bit monotonous and can seem to take more time then you might think it will at first, but if you are sitting at home in front of your computer you might want to give it a try (after all, why not try it??)

All you do is find store hours (opening and closing times) and enter the information on iStoreHours website. You type in the name of the store, address and hours. That's it. For each entry you earn 500 points (US$ 0.05)

You will be able to trade in your points for cash via Paypal or Skrill.

The minimum amount per payout is US$ 2.00. Payment is guaranteed within 5 business days, but in most cases you will receive payment within 24 hours according to the site.

The most time consuming part I found when trying this site out is that you have to check for duplicates before you can complete your entry. It can be a bit tricky to find stores that are not already listed - so patience will be a good thing to have when doing this!

Creating an account is free and takes about two seconds. You can cash out pretty easily when you want, and all you need is your computer and internet.

So give iStoreHours a try if you are looking for another way to make some extra cash quickly in your spare time!

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