February 28, 2013

Lifescript: Real Paying Blogger Jobs

Real paying blogging jobs are available with Lifescript.

Who or What is Lifescript?

Lifescript is a leading publisher of women's health and lifestyle content for women. They provide women with  information on health issues, diseases common to women, how to live healthy lifestyles and much more. Writers share their own health stories to empower, support and encourage other women going through similar health issues.

What Would I Blog About In This Job?

They are seeking women bloggers to share about personal experiences with top conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and depression.

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How Much Will I Earn?

Payment ranges from $30-$40 for each 800-1200 word article.

How Do I Apply?

Lifescript is part of the Skyword Writers Program. You can apply online here for their paying blogger jobs here.

Good Luck!

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