August 21, 2007


I have been busy the last few days working online trying to research ways to get traffic to my blog, make some more money on cashcrate and treasure troopers, and getting frustrated!

Ugh...everytime I think I am making progress...I either get confused with what I am reading, or overwhelmed. The internet and marketing is not easy light reading---to be sure! Also, trying to work at all around my 3 kids ( and even my needy husband ), is challenging and often inducive to my wanting to throw my hands up in the air and say " I Quit! ".

But then I come to find out that I really WANT is all mine, this endeavor, darn it, and it's the first thing in alooooong time that I have done for myself. So I am determined to continue...I do not know where these steps I try and take each day will lead...I am shooting for success, but realize there are no guarantees. But I am not giving up....onward and upward....ah....positive thinking and deep breaths!

So for today, I have no real updates or constructive steps to relate. But tomorrow is a new day. I have done alot of reading....other people's blogs mostly, and hope to incorporate the suggestions and advice I've picked up into my own online pursuits.
So stay tuned for tomorrow...I promise some real updates and tips.

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