August 19, 2007

Some New Updates......About Time, Uh?

So, I haven't updated in a few days. My big news ( for me it is big anyway ), is that I finally figured out the "copy and paste " methods for placing HTML, Banners, and Buttons on my blog. I know its easy stuff for most, but believe me, it took me two days...could not figure it out! Now I know, through trial and error, and reading and reading, it is just a matter of copying the HTML Code that you want ( for example, on the mineral girlz site, there is a page that displays several banner options you can put on your blog...each banner has a code displayed next to it ), so I now know to 1)Highlight that code, then 2)Go up to "edit" on my toolbar, click on "copy". That copies the code. Next, I go to my blog, go to "layout", click on "add page element", and then a smaller window pops up w/some choices for me....the one I use for adding HTML actually says "add HTML...". I click on that choice, and then a window opens that is like a blank template. I click on the inside of that blank template, then hit "ctrl and v, ( Paste ), and the code I copied should appear! Then I click on the button, " add to blog"...and voila!! when I check my blog the banner is there! Now you can check out my banners and such on the on any of them to go to that website.
What else have I done?
I have made some money with Treasure Toopers and Cashcrate. Both easy to use, free sites that you can instantly start making money with. No, you won't get rich, but yes, you will make some cash! I will discuss these and some other sites much more, hopefully tomorrow! But for now, I need to start dinner and spend some time with my family.......
Till Tomorrow.....more steps to take!!

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