August 28, 2007


I am excited! Who would think $9.15 would get me so excited? That is the amount I just got paid from Associated Content! Yep, they paid me for an article. Me. I love this site. Love love! It is a 400 more or less word article titled, Simple yet Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas for Kids. It is onsite now, if you go to Associated Content you can read this literary masterpiece yourself! Can you tell I'm excited??
The amounts paid for articles vary at AC. I have garnered from my reading that the average offer made is $5.00. You have the choice of accepting the offer or declining it. I accepted my offer 0f $9.15. That payment was in my paypal account within 2 days of my clicking "accept". I love this site....did I mention that yet?
I have about 6 articles submitted and awaiting offers, hopefully (fingers crossed). There is no guarantee of AC making you an offer. I'm not sure what inspires offers the most, but it seems that articles relating to current events, holidays, and reviews of products generally do well. What people are searching online for the most will probably be a good topic. I am learning so much at AC by reading the forums. The people there seem genuinely interested in sharing and giving their advice.
If you are looking to make some money at home, this site is a must to check out! I am planning to submit at least 1-2 articles everyday, hopefully increasing this amount as I improve my writing skills. I will keep updating on my AC adventures...keep reading ( and writing!).

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