September 1, 2007

Bye August, Welcome September!!

So August is over. I am now into my second month of my journey to becoming a successful wahm! I am excited to see how this new month goes. I plan to write down actual goals for September, which I did not do in August. I will put my list here hopefully later today.
Back to August:
I am quite pleased with how things developed from my first day ( Aug. 12) until the last day of August. Here is my summary more or less:

I entered my firsst blog after signing up with Blogger ( had NO idea what I was doing, and I mean None!)

I joined cashcrate. Not sure how I found this site, but I did. I enjoy cashcrate, and recommend it to anyone looking to earn some extra money. The last week or two I did not really spend much time on that site, I was so busy with other aspects of this venture.
August Cashcrate Earnings: $19.50
( when I checked with the site this morning, the "September earnings" header was now in place, with August removed. Clicking on to my account showed my August payment of $19.50 "in progress". I know the actual check will not be mailed out until September 20-25, approximately, but it makes me feel good to see the documentation of it! I guess if any of my August pendings convert to complete before Sept. 20th, that will be added to my 19.50 as well)

I joined Treasure Troopers and I love this site!! It is the same concept as Cashcrate, but to me the site is more enjoyable to be on, and you can play a fun game after each offer you do that actually helps you earn referrals! I have picked up 6 referrals that are now on my downline ( I think that's right...anyway,).

August Treasure Trooper Earnings:
$38.75 from my earnings/completed offers
$4.88 from my referrals! ( now note that these referrals I picked up the last week..not bad for having them only a week!)
Total: $43.63

I recently joined Associated Content. I LOVE them. You can write short articles ( 400 words or more), or do videos to submit for payment offers. I am doing articles, so I am known as a "content producer". I have submitted about 10 articles so far, and 5 have been reviewed and offers were made on. The other articles are waiting to be read still. The articles can be on almost anything you can think of. But I found that reading the forums at AC really helped me with ideas and questions that I had about the writing and getting offers process. I highly recommend AC! I spend some time each morning trying to do at least one article...sometimes two! During the day, if I have a few minutes, I research other new ideas I come up with. In the evening, after bedtime ( or the attempt at bedtime), for my kids, I try and get another article in. At the very least, if I cannot work onm an article, I peruse the internet and jot down notes for articles for the next day). My favorite thing about AC is that when you get an offer and you accept it ( you don't have to accept it, btw ), the offer money is in your paypal accout quickly. No waiting until the following month for a paycheck! Yippee!)
I highly suggest you check out this site!
Earnings from AC thus far ( and this changes almost daily as my list of articles continues to be read, and I add more articles) $35. With some serious writing (at least 5-6 articles a day, this could be a really good avenue for moms and others working from home!).

I am trying to focus on getting traffic to my blog, and setting up links and such. I want to work on the layout of my blog more, and check out affiliate marketing. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you this September. I know it is going to be a busy month!!

Happy Labor Day Everyone!


I have also become a member of Mineral Girlz. But I have not even attempted to do anything much yet. I plan to though. I have a 10yr. old daughter, so I think this could be a really fun way to earn some extra money. Definetly more to come there!

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