September 5, 2007

blogging and the flu

do not go well together! I am sick today. Actually, first my daughter was sick, then my 3yr.old son, now me and the baby. Not fun. The kleenex mountains in our house are taking over. It's been a yucky past few days. My daughter snuggled herself up in bed, and prepared to be waited upon, soothed, entertained, and pampered. If you have to have the flu, that's the way to do it! My son, on the other hand, did not want to rest, not a bit. Did not want to take medicine, or naps, or juice (just a little juice to get me off his back). No, he wanted to do everything an energetic 3 yr.old is supposed to be doing every day...flu or no. The only problem was that his nose was running as much as he was, the coughing increased with each energetic activity he insisted on doing ( jumping repeatedly from table to floor, for example), and the crankiness meter ( his and mine)hit the danger levels repeatedly. And today, its me and the baby. Poor little guy. Poor mommy. I want to do this flu thing like my daughter did...take the baby with me and snuggle up in bed. I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, between blowing noses, taking temps, and coughing endlessly, I have not done much with my blogging. I will try to get some updates done between tonight and tomorrow, hopefully. I will say that I have been trying to read all the blogs I can to pick up advice on getting traffic to your blog. I am going to be trying blogging carnivals this week, and will update on that. Also, I have some great tips and blogs to note for anyone who does happen to read my blog, and is looking for some expert advice to start their own blogging. Will post more soon on all these things,...just need to go blow my nose and investigate why my house is so suspiciously quiet all of a sudden! Check back soon!

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