September 2, 2007

moms work from home

I reflected on this today for some reason..I am not sure why. I think
when I was doing my reading/research, I must have come across some word
or phrase that struck me in a such a way that I lost focus. Instead of
reading about keywords and search engines, I sat here at my desk pondering how incongruous the terms "moms work at home" and "work at home moms" are when they are used in advertising promos to moms. I mean, moms already do work at home each and every day. Stay at home moms and work outside of the home moms definetly work at home. It's as though we forget that as well as the rest of society. Pardon my waxing philosophical this Sunday afternoon, I know I am supposed to be updating with new and useful information, but somehow I am now off on a tangent.
I know that we all understand the meaning of phrases such as "Work At Home Moms", and I like to believe that these terms are not meant in any way to be derogatory to women, but how about "Stay at Home Moms Create Successful Businesses"? Or how about "A Startegy For Success For Stay at Home Moms"? I Know that I even stated I wanted to become a Successful Work at Home Mom", but now I realize, I am already that. I successfully work each day at raising my chhildren to be their best. I work hard at educating my kids, entertaining my kids, teaching my kids right from wrong, and loving my kids. I work every time I cook a meal, wash a dish, fold laundry, chauffeur my daughter about and, well you know the drill. Yes, I do work as a stay at home mom, and, I think, succesfully. Maybe when I enter the keywords "work from home" in a search engine, my picture will appear. Or maybe a picture of one of another hard working stay at home mom. Hmmm.
What do I want to accomplish then? I want to develop myself as a person. I want to become a creative and accomplished person. I want to be empowering to other women. And, of course, I want to be independent financially. Not too much too ask for, is it? Oh yes, and I want to accomplish these goals while being a full time stay at home mom to my kids. That's what I want, and that's what I am determined to get.

key words: Moms, successful, independent, creative, hard-working. me. you.

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