May 16, 2008

An Online Home Based Business Idea

An inexpensive online business idea is one that provides information to others. There are alot of areas that can come to mind that people will go online looking for information about. From landscaping to diapering, the ideas are pretty limitless.

How about starting an Online Dating Information service, for example? You can get started by creating your own website and writing articles and reviews about other online dating services.

Your website could include niche pages for different areas on dating, such as senior dating service, and categories like success stories, advice by relationship experts, where to go on first dates, etc...

Check out online dating services, such as Perfect Match , eHarmony, and Yahoo Personals to get different ideas, and to compare information and services they provide.

You can provide information and resources for those online seeking out information about meeting others. You can choose whether or not to actually become a business that actually does matching for singles, or more of an informative and resource type of site that offers links to dating services.

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