May 19, 2008

Coupon Finesse Saves Big Bucks!

There is an amazing article that I came across today about Chrissy Thompson, wife and mom of three kids, and her coupon strategies. I am not a coupon user, but I always admire those people who are so organized who cut, compare, and ultimately save a lot of money!

Anyway, in this article, a news crew followed Chrissy around for a day as she did her shopping. The deals she pulled off with her coupons were pretty exciting. For example, at Target, Chrissy bought over $380 worth of merchandise, and actually spent a total of .02 cents!! Wow.

It does take Chrissy an hour a week, approximately, to find, cut and organize coupons for a shopping trip that will take her about three to four hours and involves three to seven stores in the area.

For this stay at home Mom, coupons help the family live a better life. "It's the difference in my children being able to have the things they want and being able to have a decent place to live and get the bills paid." says Chrissy very matter of factly.

I am impressed. I almost feel badly that I am not trying harder to watch for coupons and deals. Think I may just have to give this coupon game thing a try.

Read the full article about Chrissy and how she puts coupons to excellent use , and check out some of Chrissy's favorite web sites for coupons and savings. Enjoy!

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