June 24, 2008

Stay at Home Moms Wanted For Pet Sitting Company

An at home dog babysitting company, Sleepover Rover ( don't you think that is a great name?), needs stay at home moms, dads, grandparents, etc. to be hosts for in home dog stays.

You need to be a full time stay at home mom, work at home mom ( or dad, or grandparent etc ) that will basically be able to care for their doggie client full time. Short absences up to 4 hours are fine...it's just not a good fit for those that have full time job outside of the home.

If you become a host for Sleepover Rover, you will always get to meet the clients before committing to be their dog sitter. Typical stays are from 3-10 days. Hosts make from $22.00/day and up. Pet safe yards are a plus but not required.

Right now Sleepover Rover is serving these areas:

* Los Angeles, CA
* San Diego, CA
* Las Vegas, NV
* Denver, CO
* Phoenix, AZ
* Tucson, AZ

And while I think their need is in the Los Angeles area right now, if you are interested in this working from home opportunity, you should still check it out and apply if any of the other areas are good for you.

It looks easy to apply as a dog sitter...you can do so right online, and there is also a phone number listed on their website if you'd rather just call to get started.

Good Luck!

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