June 4, 2008

Work At Home For An Online Community

This is an online community where creative, entrepreneurial open-minded people can meet and share, showcase their work and get work.

The Whole 9 launched a year ago, and has grown into a community both online and off line. There are events held throughout the United States where community members of The Whole 9 can meet other members.

The Whole 9 is now launching a new blogging section that will feature 20-25 writers blogging on topics from Unlocking Creativity, to Green Living, Astrology and Intuition, Living In The Flow, Art in NY, World Music, Finding Balance, The Racial Divide, etc.

The pay rate is $25 per post.

Here is the link for The Whole 9. If you would like to apply as a blogger, check out the CL Posting, and send an email with samples and/or links to your work.

Readers have let me know that CL listings do not stay up very long, so if the link has expired when you click on it, I would suggest contacting The Whole 9 through their contact page on their site.

Good Luck!

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