July 10, 2008

Virtual Assistants Hiring Resource

Have you heard of Team Double Click? I have heard their name mentioned a couple of times lately, and today I checked out their website. It seems Team Double Click is like a Kelly Temporary Services, only it's a virtual staffing office.

The basics of Team Double Click are pretty straight forward--

There are no listing fees to sign up with them;

Opportunities are emailed to you;

You would be working on projects for Team Double Click clients, and Team Double Click will handle billing and collections from clients;

They offer free training and ongoing coaching;

As far as pay goes, the website states that payment will depend on each particular project:

"Some pay by the job, some pay by the hour. What we do when a project comes in is contact our qualified people, like yourself, and let you know what the project entails, what the pay is and check your availability. You always have the opportunity to turn down a project. But once you accept it, we expect you to follow it through to completion. There are no fees for you to pay for projects or to set up with our company. Whatever we negotiate with you for the project pay is exactly what you receive upon completion."

The website cautions that it will take a virtual assistant applicant approximately 4-6 weeks to get through the entire registering and testing process.

Check out Team Double Click, and if you know any more about them, or have worked for them, please share your comments!

Good Luck!

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