August 24, 2009

Earn Money Online With Bukisa

So what is this "Bukisa?", and how can you make money online with it? You register with the Bukisa website for free. Then you post articles, videos or slides on Bukisa.

Bukisa's unique and revolutionary revenue sharing model is based on two main revenue streams and the innovative Bukisa Index:

1. Getting paid for people reading, viewing or listening to your high quality published content.

2. Getting paid for the read, viewed & listened published content of your friends, friends' friends and their friends (up to three levels).

Payments are made 30 days after you have reached your payment threshold ($10). Payment is made through PayPal.

Read more about Bukisa and how to earn money online with this network. You can sign up today and start building your network and page views right away.

**Btw, I have not signed up myself for Bukisa, and would love to hear from anyone who has!! Thanks!**

Good Luck!

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