March 11, 2010

Mom Entrepreneur : Natural Wonders Soap N' More

I think it is a fair assumption to make that most stay at home moms would love to start their own home-based business. And of course, so many women are doing just that. If you are in this category, but need some ideas on what business to start, take a peek at this mom's story. She was able to take a need in her family, and from that, start her own business to fill that need.

Jenny Reynolds young daughter developed eczema, and in finding a soap that would help her daughter's skin,  a new business idea was born.

After first trying the non- steroid cream her daughter's doctor prescribed, Jenny researched the ingredients and found that some of them may not actually be safe. So the Lafayette mom decided to try natural soaps that she found on a site for natural mother. And she was hooked.

Reynolds continued to research natural soaps and found hat she could make these at home with ingredients she chose.. Chamomile tea, tea tree oil, organic avocado oil, and cosmetic grade olive oil were the ingredients used in making the first soaps, and Reynolds credits her natural soaps for curing  problem skin for the entire family.

Reynolds has now turned her hobby into a business called Natural Wonders Soaps 'N More. It takes her about an hour to make 100 bars.

After  her two kids go to bed, Reynolds and her husband get to work, mixing and pouring.

"We had a lot of laundry soap to start out with because it didn't work so well the first time. When we first started it took us hours and hours, but we've got it down pretty good now," she said.

"You just take water and lye together, and then you take your mixture of oils and blend them together," explains the mom entrepreneur. After pouring them into molds, next comes the waiting game. The bars take up to six weeks to firm up completely.

And  Reynolds has found a market for the products. She is a regular at the Lafayette Farmers' Market where her bars of soap, foot scrub, lip balm, and lotions sell quickly.

"We have the essential oils for the people who like people who like things that are more natural. We do a lot of tea tree oil, peppermint and we have our fragrance oils that are more highly scented but they aren't as natural," she said.

Reynolds says lemon and almond are very popular. People also like the coffee soap that can be used in the kitchen to get rid of strong odors like garlic. She said she enjoys helping other families go green and more natural.

Read more about Jenny and her business, and get inspired to create your own home business!

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