June 16, 2008

Start a Stork Sign Business

Competition can be a good thing, right? So starting a stork sign business may mean you will have to face competition, but that shouldn't be a deterrent if this idea appeals to you.

And a stork sign/ lawn sign rental business is a fairly easy home-based business to start up. Even starting out with one or two signs, and some word of mouth advertising could get you a customer or two.

Craigslist offers free advertising for your service, and you could design a mailer, or better yet, go to Vista Print for very inexpensive business cards and postcards to mail/hand out. Vista Print also offers T-Shirts for affordable prices that you can design. So you can "wear" your advertising when you go shopping, to playgroups, school, etc.

As far as the signs themselves, you can either make them yourself, or you can buy a package through The Stork Lady. There are several different packages offered there for starting your home-based stork sign business, so you might want to check it out.

One more important thing to remember is to check with your city for registering business names and obtaining licenses, regulations for lawn signage, etc.

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