July 1, 2008

Tips For Making Your Home Business Successful

I came across an article today that offers some suggestions to help make a work at home business successful. The points made in the article all very good, but a couple really stood out for me, such as prioritizing my time (ack!--I need time to prioritize time--kwim?), and staying on task! Those are probably my two biggest challenges in trying to work (successfully) from home. Here are the main suggestions from the article--

1) Time management. You will need to prioritize your time ruthlessly in order to stop yourself wasting time on things that don't earn you money. Running a business means you are self employed, and not paid by the hour. So you have to make EVERY hour count. You will need to sacrifice something in your routine to fit time for a home business in. I can recommend TV time is the first place you look for that extra time you can use!

2) Believe! Know it can be done. Have the belief in yourself that you CAN run a business from home. And that people are doing it successfully in far worse situations that you currently are. If you don't believe you can do it - you're probably right.

3) Work on yourself harder than you work on your home business. Chances are you are in a home business where people are successful. That means the business works, the only difference in your situation is YOU.

4) Become Task Orientated. Know the tasks that produce you income. And do these first. If you have time for others great. If you don't no problem as long as you've done the income producing ones first your home business will still succeed.

5) Accept that to get a 'yes' to your product / business you HAVE to also have no's. Its impossible not to. Its part of any business whether its work from home or not. Don't take it personally and accept its part of the process.

6) Be prepared to step up and be your own boss. Be responsible for your own actions. Would you hire or fire yourself for the day's activities? Be honest with yourself!

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