August 1, 2009

Weekend Business Idea-- Starting a Personal Concierge Business

Starting a personal concierge business is a home based business idea that really doesn't need a lot of money upfront to get started. A concierge business involves performing routine errands for clients, such as picking up dry cleaning, buying birthday party supplies for client's children, returning videos, library books, taking pets to appointments, and so on. With the rise of two-income families, working people nowadays seldom have the time to do life’s little chores. If you do not mind performing these little tasks and enjoy doing something different each day, this is a business with excellent growth potential.

To start a concierge service, supplies you would need would include: a computer, fax machine, Internet access, pagers and cell phones. Another possible start-up expense includes the cost of bonding and insurance to protect you in the event of accident, theft or other unexpected situations.

You can start building your business by offering services to friends, neighbors and family. Consider doing errands for free in exchange for reference letters and referrals. You may find it useful to advertise your services and company in the classified ads and be sure to print and distribute business cards every place you go. Consider placing magnetic signs on both sides of your vehicle, or buy vinyl letters and numbers to stick your company name and phone number on the rear window.

Start slowly by offering your concierge services to people looking for help with their groceries and errands around the house, and as you grow, try tapping into into the office support services market. There are people looking for workers with office skills to just come in and help them once a week or even once a month and they are willing to pay top dollar for this limited time.

You can also specialize your concierge services for new mothers, elderly, pet owners, and so on.

Don't forget to research and fill out business license application and all other forms required by federal, local and city government.

Check out the National Concierge Association @

Check local concierge/errand services in your area to get an idea for pricing and services offered. Check with your city's business and licensing departments for business requirements.

So do a little brainstorming this weekend if a personal concierge business sounds interesting to you, and don't forget to check out this week's TGIF Drink Recipe (even though I'm posting it on Saturday instead of Friday...oops.)

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